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Frequently Asked Questions (text version)



Can my child(ren) enroll at CPDLF?

We are a K-12 public cyber charter school for all students in the state of PA. If you live in Pennsylvania, your child is eligible to enroll.


Do I need a computer or laptop?

We provide the technology and other materials that our learners need for their schoolwork with no cost to you.


How does your school take attendance?

Our learners’ attendance is based on their schoolwork completed, not the amount of time they are online or logged into their classes.


What does asynchronous mean?

Students do not  attend live classes at certain times or on certain days. They work at their own pace, during times that fit their individual schedule under the guidance of instructors and their learning guide.

How do you provide learning support?


Learning Guides 


Each learner and their family are assigned a learning guide (mentor). Learning guides keep their learners on track by meeting with them individually at least once a week to check on the progress made in each class. During these check-ins, learners and their learning guides discuss work completed,  successes, challenges, and extra support that might be needed. Together, they make a plan for completing next week’s assignments.


Individualized help from instructors

We understand that our learners may need individual instruction time to better understand a concept. We encourage our learners to reach out to their instructors to request help at any time. This can be a scheduled zoom session, email, phone call, or other form of communication.


Live Learning Help?

We offer Live Learning Help (virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions).  Live Learning Help sessions are  regularly scheduled zoom sessions where learners can get help from instructors and learning guides. These are drop in sessions and appointments are not necessary.


Monday and Thursday: 1:00pm-3:00pm

Monday-Friday: 4:00pm-8:00pm


I’m interested! Now what?

Request enrollment information:


Have more questions?

Call us at (814) 682-5258

Email us:

Text us: (814) 201-7737