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The Vision

The Visionphoto
  • Students will be able to learn remotely throughout the state of PA or onsite at Fusia Dance Center location! 
  • We will offer both a dance and theater track where students can choose a more focused learning curriculum incorporating the many opportunities in their field. 
  • We will be able to get hours of pre-professional training and a strong foundation that will fully prepare them for a professional career.
  • We can guide their learning to provide externships so that they gain hands on experience in the field they desire before applying to college or professional programs. 
  • While receiving my undergraduate degree it was the hands on experience of teaching that inspired me to become an educator and eventually open a studio. I believe that by providing externships in their field of interest students will more fully  understand the the professional career they are seeking. 
  • I believe in my heart that this program will allow students to have the full attention, dedication and focus they deserve to have a career in the arts. What if time was on our side and their academic requirements were fulfilled in a way that related to what they love and what inspires them?