Celebrating Our Learning Guides » Celebrating Our Learning Guides!

Celebrating Our Learning Guides!

Celebrating our Learning Guides!

Learning Guides are the KEY to a Personalized and Customized Learning Experience!

At CPDLF, our Learning Guides (LG) provide guidance and support for learners as they work in courses developed to fit their unique learning goals and needs. A LG meets the learner on enrollment day and cultivates a close and connected relationship with him/her with the goals of developing self-directed learning and lifelong habits of success. In many instances, this requires a great deal of persistence, patience, and perseverance! We are super proud of our CPDLF Learning Guides and want to take a moment to thank them for their dedication to learners:

Miss Amy Pipetti  Mrs. Amy Walters

Mrs. Leslie Rupp  Ms. Kylie Magargi

Ms. Chelsea Gibbon  Mr. Patrick Baney

Ms. Barbara Dikum   Mrs. Amy Walters