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Pursuing A Dream

Pursuing a dream


Since Fusia’s inception in 2011, we have always aspired to maintain a strong mission centered around our students. Our unique program is geared towards developing strong artists, embracing  the creative process, maintaining a nurturing environment  and building fundamental artistic and human values while achieving goals and dreams. 

Our arts curriculum is based on the following principles:

  • Strong technical foundation
  • Use of imagination and creativity 
  • Professional attitudes, classroom etiquette and comraderyphoto
  • Collaborations and integration of other artistic mediums 
  • Knowledge of past history and current trends

Over the nine years we have been a studio, our alumni have gone on to become professional dancers,choreographers and educators helping to shape the future of dance. Many of our alumni are currently faculty at our studio and we couldn’t be more proud! Watching our students achieve their goals only inspired us to begin chasing our dream of a full time program. Being able to offer serious pre-professional training during the day and integrating the performing arts into their required academics will provide incredible growth and motivation! It was something we were ready to go after! 

In the Spring of 2020 we launched  our first dance, theater and fine art classes with the CPDLF family and we were so thrilled with the outcome. Students are able to Zoom in or join us for class at our Fusia Dance Center onsite location. It was so great to spread the arts curriculum with the students and it only inspired us to pursue our dreams of a full day learning program!