Senior Spotlight ~ CPDLF Class of 2020 Salutatorian Leah Tippett



Leah Tippett

CPDLF Class of 2020



Leah Tippett  is the CPDLF class of 2020 salutatorian and has been a learner with us for the past three years She is the daughter of Krista Tippett and Brad Tippett from Altoona, PA.  In the Fall, Leah will attend  Penn State to pursue an education  in psychology.

Why do you think a cyber school option was best for you?

With chronic medical conditions, a cyber option was best for me. Carrying a backpack and books while walking up and down flights of stairs was not ideal. Cyber gave me the option to focus on both my education and my health. CPDLF provided me with a more personalized learning experience. I was also able to pick from an abundance of classes that met my interests.

How was your learning guide beneficial to your success at CPDLF?


My learning guide, Ms.Dikum, was beneficial to my success at CPDLF because she was always there when I needed her. I could message her at any time of the day, and I knew she’d get back to me.”


If you could talk about a misconception about cyber school what would it be?

A common misconception about cyber is that it is only for the lazy students who don’t care about their education. This is very wrong! Cyber is a great way for students who just don’t click with a brick and mortar school setting to get their education. It is also a great option for students who have medical conditions.





Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience at CPDLF?

“Going cyber was something I contemplated for a while, but it was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. My mental health improved drastically, and I was able to go to doctors appointments without missing class. CPDLF finally made me feel like more than a number.”