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Hi!  I’m Dr. Deanna Mayers, the principal of Central PA Digital Learning Foundation. At this special time of the year, I wanted to take a moment to share the gratitude I have for each of our learners and their families. I am blessed to be able to serve as the principal here where learners, guardians, parents, grandparents, learning coaches, and staff work hard every day support and help others grow and learn. The new year will continue be filled with opportunities to learn, engage and grow together!
We are excited to partner with our learners and their families in this important work of learning!  All of us here at CPDLF are committed to three important principles as we work together to become life-long learners:
CONNECT:  This is a personalized experience where learners (students) and their learning coaches (parents/guardians) are connected and interacting with their Learning Guide and instructors, so everyone is on the same track and working as a team! We expect you to connect every school day, just like any other school!
ENGAGE:  This is a different way of learning (not just in the fact that it happens online) because learners are actively involved in their own path of learning!  We want you to have a meaningful experience that positively contributes to your own future goals and we will give you the tools to do that.
EMPOWER:  We will equip you not just with technology but also with relationships and opportunities to meet in person to help you learn and grow.  There will be hard work along the way, but together we can achieve great things!
Dr. Deanna Mayers
Central PA Digital Learning Foundation
814-702-0433 (fax)

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