Dual Enrollment at CPDLF

We’re working on something BIG for Spring of 2023: dual enrollment for CPDLF students at our local colleges! 

You’ll be able to start your college work early by enrolling in the institution that best suits your goals while completing your CPDLF coursework. Some college courses meet high school graduation requirements for CPDLF learners, so you may be eligible for dual credit. This allows you to get a head start on your college career and complete classes that count towards graduation.

Steps for Dual Enrollment

There’s a little bit of extra work required to enroll in college, but we’re here to help and guide you along the way. You admissions process will follow these steps:

  • Talk to your Learning Guide.
  • Select your college from our list.
  • Request an admissions packet and review their requirements.
  • Apply to college.
  • Enroll in the courses you need. 
  • Study, submit your work, and attend classes. 

The best first step is to plan to speak with your CPDLF Learning Guide. They will help you evaluate your options, choose courses that you want to pursue while enrolled in college and CPDLF, and give you tips along the way. They will also help you plan your schedule to work around course requirements and ensure you’re meeting the Commonwealth requirements to earn your high school diploma.

Learners must apply to a college from our list of approved institutions - not all Pennsylvania colleges and universities offer dual enrollment. Your application and admissions process follows the same steps as other first-time applicants: there will be applications to complete, transcripts required, placement assessments, campus tours, FAFSA forms, and meetings with your college academic advisor - as well as the fun stuff, like choosing your courses.

Once accepted, you’ll attend in-person and/or online college classes along with your CPDLF classes. 

CPDLF & Dual Enrollment

This is a big responsibility: the grades you earn in your college courses will determine if you have successfully completed your high school requirements, too. For example, all CPDLF Learners must take English 12 their senior year. Dual Enrolled students may achieve this English 12 credit by taking and passing English 101 (or an approved equivalent) at their chosen college. This permits you to only take one class to satisfy both your high school diploma requirements and earn college credit. The stakes are higher, but we believe CPDLF Learners who choose this option are up for the challenge!

Things to Know About Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment courses may be online, in-person, or hybrid.

Since these courses are outside the scope of your CPDLF and public education, it’s important for you to understand the attendance requirements and arrange for transportation.

Acceptance to an outside college or university is at the discretion of that institution. 

All CPDLF Learners must independently meet the admissions requirements of their selected institution. If dual enrollment is your goal for the future, please inform your Learning Guide so that we can help you prepare.

Dual enrollment colleges must have an established relationship with CPDLF.

We’re working behind the scenes right now to produce a list of local colleges that have agreed to support CPDLF Learners. This requires careful consideration and vetting. When you start your dual enrollment process, you’ll want to choose from our list of colleges so that you can be sure you’re on the right track for graduation and college credits earned.

You could graduate high school as a college sophomore!

Depending on your schedule, interest, and appetite for a challenge, you can earn enough college credits to place you higher than an incoming freshman when you go to enroll full-time in college after your high school graduation. You’ll be able to finish your degree at the college you enrolled in or transfer credits to other institutions.

CPDLF Learners do not pay tuition and fees for core courses in Dual Enrollment.

College is expensive! As part of the dual enrollment incentive, high school students’ tuition and fees are paid for when they are enrolled in approved courses at partnering institutions. This means you can get ahead in college while not having to think about scholarships and financial aid yet. Speak with your Learning Guide to ensure the college courses you want to take are approved prior to enrollment. 

Our Partner Institutions

CPDLF Learners may pursue dual enrollment at the following colleges and universities:

We’re working hard to build dual enrollment relationships with more Pennsylvania colleges, so keep checking back to watch our list grow!