20th Anniversary

CPDLF Celebrates 20 Years!

Our New Logo

CPDLF opened its virtual doors twenty years ago and we’re celebrating with this new logo. It commemorates 20 years of serving Pennsylvania students (we call them “learners”) who want individualized attention and flexible cyber education. 

We’re thankful for the things we’ve learned around the way, proud of the families who’ve been with us since Kindergarten, and eager to see what the future holds. 

Keep reading the articles below to see more ways we’re celebrating CPDLF’s 20th Anniversary and learn about the things that make our school different.

20th Anniversary Logo


20 Ways to Support CPDLF

The 2022-2023 school year represents our 20th year anniversary at CPDLF. We’ve learned a lot. We’ve made connections with amazing people and families. We’ve also helped educate a lot of students and set them on the path to achieving their goals. They often ask us: what can we do to help CPDLF? We’ll make it easy for you! Browse our list of 20 ways you can support CPDLF. 

 Learn More About CPDLF

Do you know why CPDLF was founded? What about our mission? Do you know about our Arts and Academics program? There’s a lot to CPDLF! You can help us by learning more about our story, why we’re here, and the ways that we support the academic achievement of CPDLF students and students doing virtual learning in their home districts. 

Leave Us a Review

One of the best ways for families and potential students to learn about CPDLF and the student experience is to hear from students and families. Let’s put it this way: we can say CPDLF is a great school for kids who want a flexible schedule and want to get ahead…but that’s just us saying that. It’s completely different when they’re reading about a real student’s experience of needing an alternative schedule so she can pursue her Olympic gymnastics dreams or your experience of wanting more out of your school experience than traditional schools. 

You can write about us publicly on the following platforms:

Your feedback, suggestions, and real life experiences with CPDLF helps other families make a decision about their education options and helps us get better at what we do.

Follow Us on Social Media

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with CPDLF. We post helpful information for current learners, families, community supporters, and people who want to learn more about us. We welcome everyone to interact with our content and share it as you see fit. 

Tag Us on Social Media

If you see a post that we should share or something you’re really proud of and want us to know about: tag us so our social media team can see it! You can help us by tagging us wherever you think it’s relevant. You’ll find us on Facebook and Instagram.  

Support CPDLF on AmazonSmile

Did you know that you can support CPDLF simply by shopping at Amazon? We’re officially an Amazon Smile nonprofit organization. Visit smile.amazon.com to get started. Once you select us as your organization, Amazon does the rest of the work by donating 0.5% of your eligible purchases at no cost to you. Since the majority of our budget is focused on education, we use our Amazon Smile funds to provide new opportunities for our students that aren’t strictly tied to the classroom - like prizes and community events.

 Make a Video

You’ve seen those “Day in the Life Of” or “Get Ready With Me” videos on TikTok and YouTube - why not join them and show your followers what it’s like to be a CPDLF Family? Put together a short video on your experiences, where you study, what you like best about being a CPDLF student, or anything else that you think is important to show people. Be sure to tag us when you post it! We love sharing our students’ projects.

 Blog About CPDLF

Do you run a blog? Write about your CPDLF student! Interview them or write about your experience as a CPDLF Learner’s Coach (that’s what we call the grownups who help their students succeed - this can be a parent, grandparent, legal guardian, aunt, uncle, you name it!). We want to see real-life examples of what it’s like to be a CPDLF family. When you publish it, tag us on social media or email [email protected] so we know to share it for you. We may even link to it from the CPDLF website!

Wear CPDLF Gear

Do you have a CPDLF t-shirt? Wear it out in public! Do you have a CPDLF decal? Put it on your laptop or your favorite water bottle! Use your reusable CPDLF shopping bag for groceries and anything else you need to keep handy when you’re out and about. Need CPDLF gear? Contact [email protected].

 Get Extended Family Involved in Your CPDLF Student’s Education

Kids do better when all the adults in their life work to support their education. This means relatives can help their CPDLF student simply by asking about school. Ask your CPDLF student to show or tell you about a project they’re proud of or something they’re learning. Ask them to tell you about their teachers and Learning Guide. If you’re a Learner Coach, you can share what you learn about supporting your student with extended family members and ask them to reinforce your work in providing a creative environment for your CPDLF student. 

 Learn About Social Emotional Learning 

We believe in preparing CPDLF students for life after their K-12 education. This means that we’re working to develop their whole being towards becoming lifelong learners, maintaining positive, healthy relationships, and thriving in their personal, academic, and professional lives. This is called “social and emotional learning” or SEL. We contribute to SEL by supporting learning in five areas: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, decision-making skills, and relationship skills. SEL increases academic performance, ability to manage stress, and supports students across cultural demographics - in short, it’s good for everyone. You can learn more about SEL here and get tips to continue this education in your home.

 Join the Learner Coach Corner

If you’re a parent or guardian of a CPDLF Learner, you’re a Learner Coach! That means you’re the trusted adult in charge of a CPDLF student’s education and well-being. We’ve created a group just for Learner Coaches to share tips, connect with other Learner Coaches, and stay in touch with Learning Guides and others involved in your child’s education. You can learn more about the Learner Coach Corner by contacting [email protected].child

 Tell People About CPDLF

CPDLF is one of the best kept secrets of education in Pennsylvania - and people won’t find out about it unless you talk about us! This can be as simple as talking about your experience when people ask, “How’s school?” or volunteering to give us a quote or testimonial to share with people who might be interested in attending CPDLF. Be proud of your education!

Refer a Student to CPDLF

Do you know someone who would thrive at CPDLF? Refer them to us! You know the kids in your life and you know CPDLF better than most people. You also know that it takes a special kind of dedication to do well with our rigorous curriculum. If you know of someone who has what it takes to do well here and needs an alternative schedule, a focused learning environment, and individualized attention, fill out a form here so that they can schedule a call with us to learn more.

 Donate Supplies to CPDLF

We’re virtual, but our students love hands-on learning and we like to provide as many opportunities as possible. We always welcome donations for things like art supplies, science lab equipment, or in-kind donations for our community events. If you or your organization would like to donate supplies or equipment, please contact us at [email protected].

 Become a Community Partner

Sometimes we host community events for students, their families, and families interested in becoming a CPDLF family. We encourage local businesses to sponsor our event so that we can make it bigger and better to support our CPDLF community. To learn more about our community events and sponsorship opportunities, please contact [email protected].

 Display CPDLF Brochures at Your Office

Do you work in an office where you see lots of parents? Offer to host a small stack of CPDLF brochures! Ideal locations include doctors offices, dentists, orthodontists, gyms, equestrian facilities, dance schools, and anywhere else busy parents might be. Contact [email protected] and we’ll send you CPDLF brochures to display so that families can learn more.

Offer Volunteer Opportunities for CPDLF Students

CPDLF students need to earn community service hours just like traditional brick and mortar school students. You can help us by connecting us to volunteer opportunities for our students. This can include on-going needs, like helping in a local soup kitchen, or single day, short-term events, like neighborhood clean-ups or tree planting endeavors. If your organization can provide volunteer hours for our students, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Host Internships or Job Shadowing for CPDLF Students

Do you have a position that could allow CPDLF students to get a taste of real-world job experience? We want to know more! Our students are interested in a variety of career options, so we’re always looking for members of the community willing to provide opportunities for our students to learn about different careers and inspire their education. Please contact us at [email protected] to let us know about your interest.

Join Us for Community Events

Our Learning Centers host Community Events for CPDLF Families and people who are interested in CPDLF to connect, learn more, and have some fun outside of the classroom. In the past, we’ve had dance demonstrations from our Arts & Academics students, food, family activities, and other fun things for students to enjoy. Our next Community Event will be announced in our News section of the website, so be sure to keep visiting that page to find out more information. 

Attend School Board Meetings

Interested family members and people from the community are always welcome and encouraged to attend school board meetings. On our website, you’ll find a list of the current school year’s board meeting dates, access to our meeting minutes, agendas, job descriptions, contracts, agreements, and policies, as well as contact information for current board members and how to join us for board meetings. 




Quick Facts About CPDLF 

When you examine the numbers, there’s a lot going on at CPDLF! We’re celebrating CPDLF’s 20th Anniversary by reflecting on what’s offered now and dreaming about what our future holds. Our Learners have access to some incredible opportunities:

  • We have 237 courses available.
  • There are eight world languages taught.
  • Learners can opt into our two performing arts tracks - dance and theatre.
  • We’ve partnered with four local colleges.
  • We have 28 NCAA-approved core courses.
  • We are partners with 21 school districts so learners can attend school online and still participate in their home school’s activities. 


20 Things We LOVE About CPDLF Learners

It’s no secret that we love the students at CPDLF. In fact, we decided years ago that the term “students” didn’t accurately describe the kids enrolled in our school and we opted to call them “learners,” instead, to better demonstrate their drive, dedication, and pursuit of knowledge. Beyond using different terminology, we’ve found other aspects about our learners that sets them apart from the rest and makes us honored to educate them. Read on to learn the 20 Things We Love About CPDLF Learners.

1.  CPDLF Learners are EMPOWERED.

“You’ve definitely empowered and encouraged [my daughter] Harper. She began CPDLF very nervous and you definitely helped empower her to see she was capable of doing the work needed to be a good student. You’ve given her tools to succeed and encouraged her to make them her own and to make them work for her. As a parent, you’ve helped me with the consistent messages on Clever [need to explain this…] that inform and remind me of ways I can encourage my Learner and empower us both to make the most of the resources we have at CPDLF. 

  • Olivia Sedlock, Mother to Harper Sedlock, Grade 8
2.CPDLF Learners OVERCOME obstacles.

“As long as I have been with CPDLF, I’ve seen our learners overcome a lot of personal challenges - both personally and academically. CPDLF teachers and staff encourage our learners to always believe in themselves and that they can do anything if they set their mind to it.”

  • CPDLF Learning Guide  
3.CPDLF Learners are CONFIDENT.

“One of my sixth grade learners, who has been enrolled at our school and who I have known for the past several years, has been struggling with math and science this school year. I reached out to ask her if I could work with her during my live learning help sessions. We have been working for the past few months. Within a short time, she has increased not only her confidence with the course content but also her overall grades in both subjects.”

  • Dr. Schroth, [title]
4.CPDLF Learners possess SELF-ADVOCACY.

“Students here quickly learn to get in touch with their teachers, carry on conversations with adults in the school, and speak up for themselves when they need guidance.”

  • CPDLF Instructorchild
5. CPDLF Learners are MOTIVATED.

“The learners that are motivated are cooperative, engaging, and fun to teach! Motivation drives these kids to learn and they become curious about what they are learning and the world around them.”

  • CPDLF Instructor
6.CPDLF Learners are AWARDED.

Every spring, we’re thrilled to see graduating seniors entering the next stage of their education and this often means they’re receiving scholarships and accolades at their colleges and universities. Read about 2020 Graduate Leah Tippett and her Penn State Sparks Award.

7. CPDLF Learners are INDEPENDENT.

“CPDLF has better prepared me for life and taught me a lot of useful skills such as time management and independent learning, both of which are important skills for college and life, and I don’t think I would have mastered these skills in a brick-and-mortar school setting. I wouldn’t be as prepared for college, or life in general, without the awesome opportunities presented to me at CPDLF.”

  • Elise Longo, Class of 2020 Featured Senior

8. CPDLF Learners are HONORS SOCIETY students.

We’re exceptionally proud when our learners work hard and get inducted into national honors societies that align with their career goals. One excellent example of this is Taylor Weston, a CPDLF student who was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society for her work in Interior Decorating and Finishing. 

9. CPDLF Learners are CONNECTED.

2019 CPDLF AWARD winner, Robert Schultz, was nominated for many reasons but his connection to staff stood out above all else. He was noted for always keeping in touch, staying on pace, seeking help when needed, and maintaining all his commitments to school work, community service, and family through his instinct to keep all lines of communication open.

10. CPDLF Learners are POSITIVE.

“I’ve seen students lose several family members and experience other personal tragedies during the school year. They maintain positive attitudes throughout life’s hardships and display resiliency.”

  • Heather Jancula, History Instructor

11. CPDLF Learners take OWNERSHIP.

“I remember having a conversation with a student, his father, and his Learning Guide about him dropping out of high school. …he either needed to roll up his sleeves and get to work or he needed to give up. The learner alone made the choice that he wanted to graduate. …He took it upon himself to complete his assignments - often working ahead - and he sought us out if he had questions.” 

  • CPDLF Learning Guide, 2019 Graduation Awards

12. CPDLF Learners GIVE BACK to the community.

A 2018 Graduation Award Winner who wanted to pursue child psychology as a career went through a rigorous training process to become a Crisis Counselor at Crisis Text Line for her volunteer project. She later volunteered over 200 hours helping clients dealing with suicide, self harm and sexual and physical abuse.

13. CPDLF Learners are RESILIENT.

2019 CPDLF GRIT award winner Gabriella Veremeychik experienced a severe concussion during the school year. She struggled physically, as well as with memory, speech, concentration, and her vision - all the things an online learner needs! She spent months in physical, speech, and occupational therapy to continue working on her courses again. Due to her tenacity, she made it through to graduation and won an award for her resiliency. 

14. CPDLF Learners are FUTURE-FOCUSED.

Every element of our students’ education is designed with their future adult self in mind. Recent graduates have announced careers and further educational pursuits in small business management, cosmetology, auto and diesel mechanics, design, nursing, phlebotomy, medical school, psychology, fire science, animal behavior, and so much more. 

15. CPDLF Learners are here to LEARN. 

Class of 2020 Featured Senior, Jada Robles, reports that cyber school was the best option for her because, “I was able to work at my own pace and faster. I also got to travel because I could take my work with me. One misconception is that kids only do cyber because they are lazy. Some kids just like to work alone and at their own pace.”


16. CPDLF Learners are ARTISTS.

“Our daughters have had the opportunity to enhance their education and skill development in the arts through their participation in weekly dance, art, and yoga classes [through CPDLF’s Arts & Academics program], which count toward their curriculum requirements. Our children truly love attending this school because of how much they have learned at an individualized pace, their gained independence, confidence, and the community between faculty and students. They have experienced tremendous growth, academically and artistically within just one school year.”

  • Brook & Skylar’s Mom
17. CPDLF Learners are DREAMERS.

We love that CPDLF students come to us with big ideas of what they want to do with their lives. Our job is to work with our learners and their families to build a path to help them follow their dreams. We combine their passions with Commonwealth requirements, extra opportunities in courses and experiences that CPDLF is uniquely able to offer, and design a school experience that sets our learners up for success.

18. CPDLF Learners are TRAVELERS. 

One of our favorite things to receive is a photo of learners doing their school work in really cool places! At CPDLF, education is portable and our students take it across the globe. This allows our students to attend family events, explore career opportunities, get a broader perspective on what it means to be part of the larger community, and more. 

19. CPDLF Learners are ENGAGED.

Time and time again, graduating seniors choose helping out the school as their option to fulfill their volunteer hours requirement. We like to see our students go out into the community to gain experience, but it warms our hearts when they choose to give back right here. We also have students that choose to attend in-person learning labs every chance they get. They engage in conversations with the staff and their peers, do their school work, and give some life to these spaces with their laughter and smiles.

20. CPDLF Learners are READERS.

Parents and teachers always want kids to read more. We’re proud to say that the kind of kids that attend CPDLF are the ones who read! We celebrated a Summer Reading Challenge where our winner read 71 books over the break. Edward, the winner, said that he loves to read because it helps his imagination grow.


20/20 Vision: CPDLF Leaders Look to the Future

We’re celebrating 20 years of educating young minds at CPDLF - and things look different from when we first began! That got us thinking: what will CPDLF look like twenty years from now? We asked our administrators and leaders what their 20/20 vision is for the state of education, CPDLF, and our learners. 

What trends do you see coming?

“The future of education will be unlike what we have experienced in the past.  As parents and children understand the impact of having a choice for public education, I believe we will see more options becoming available among the public school sector.  As how we work, live, and interact with society shifts, so must education.  As educators, we need to be prepared to offer more opportunities for learning that best suit the needs of the learners and their families.  We, both brick and mortar and cyber, must embrace the new technologies, such as AI, that are changing the way we work and interact with society.”

  • Dr. Malynda Maurer, CEO

“I see more kids enrolling in cyber school who are disengaged from learning and parents who are disenchanted with “traditional schooling.” This may also mean less social skills due to constant screen time. We will need to be prepared to meet these types of learners and families in a way that is meaningful to them yet can coexist with the Pennsylvania Department of Education system.”

  • Kim Salyards, Special Programs Coordinator

“I see trends for schools towards becoming more process oriented (ie: learning/mastery) versus result oriented (ie: task completion/grades).”

  • Kelli Mercurio, Social Emotional Wellness Coordinator

“School leaders are going to apply cyber education in a blended environment. Learners

are going to have the opportunity to take courses that otherwise wouldn’t be available to

them in a traditional school system. With the advent of the Extended Campus concept implemented by Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8, CPDLF is an integral part of helping school districts provide that opportunity now!”

  • Jay Scott, Consultant



What is your hope for the future of CPDLF?

“My hope is that CPDLF is a place that empowers people to be their best, to love learning, and to try new things.”

  • Dr. Malynda Maurer, CEO

“I hope that we can be a place where kids rekindle their love for learning, and that we do whatever out-of-the-box things we can to accomplish that.”

  • Kim Salyards, Special Programs Coordinator

“I hope that we continue to expand learning opportunities for our learners in the areas of internships and apprenticeships, that we continue to grow our learners in all aspects of their lives so that they can pursue their dreams and passions, and that we are "bigger" but not too big that we lose sight of our purpose.”

  • Dina Morrisey, Learning Services Coordinator

“I hope that CPDLF leads the way in being learner centered and process oriented - looking at the whole learner.”

  • Kelli Mercurio, Social Emotional Wellness Coordinator

“CPDLF is the best kept secret in Pennsylvania. Its leadership has implemented so many creative programs that help the online learner. I see a bright future for CPDLF.”

  • Jay Scott, Consultant

Where do you see the school in 20 years?

“In 20 years, I see CPDLF as having been instrumental in affecting change in the world of education, both in brick and mortar schools as well as in cyber.   The new world of education will be forward thinking in the development of the whole child.”

  • Dr. Malynda Maurer, CEO

“I'd like to see us fully embracing the customized learning model of learners moving themselves along clear and meaningful learning paths and becoming their best selves.”

  • Kim Salyards, Special Programs Coordinator

“In the next 20 years, I see CPDLF growing in size but remaining loyal to our beliefs that all learners matter, connection builds engagement, engagement builds empowerment and empowerment builds a learner who knows their hopes and dreams and is able to follow the pathway to get to them. I don't see us becoming "big" like the other cyber charters but I do see us growing across the state.”

  • Dina Morrisey, Learning Services Coordinator

“I see us offering more hands-on experiences and project-based learning for learners and their families to get excited about.”

  • Kelli Mercurio, Social Emotional Wellness Coordinator

“Twenty years from now CPDLF will probably be one of the more renowned blended schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Its programs, people, and community made a difference in the growth of CPDLF.”

  • Jay Scott, Consultant

Where do you see current students headed in 20 years?kjh

“In 20 years, I see our current students as being their best in whatever situation they encounter.  Learning at CPDLF should have provided them with not only the critical thinking and problem solving skills to be successful in whatever career path they chose but also the habits to be successful in life.

  • Dr. Malynda Maurer, CEO

“I hope some will be innovators and leaders in their communities, and contributors to society.”

  • Kim Salyards, Special Programs Coordinator

“I see them as adults who are, hopefully, where they want to be and are pursuing their goals. I would hope that they fondly remember CPDLF and are able to tell their children why learning matters.”

  • Dina Morrisey, Learning Services Coordinator

“Wherever our students are, I hope that they will remember the tools they learned at CPDLF on resilience and growth mindset and know that their greatest ability is their adaptability.”

  • Kelli Mercurio, Social Emotional Wellness Coordinator

“Current students, or learners as I call them, will have so many more opportunities to

adapt to an ever-changing world. Their experience at CPDLF will have prepared them

well for life.”

  • Jay Scott, Consultant

Where do you see CPDLF students fitting in society and where can they make a difference?

“I see CPDLF students as having the opportunity to affect change and make a difference anywhere they may be.  CPDLF is designed to make a difference in the lives of our learners, their families, and our staff.  I would hope that this models for our learners that they can be the difference needed in the world”

  • Dr. Malynda Maurer, CEO

“I hope our learners become members of society who will propose new ways of thinking about problems or issues, since they (hopefully) experienced that while they were enrolled in CPDLF.”

  • Kim Salyards, Special Programs Coordinator

“I would hope that CPDLF students would promote a Growth Mindset in their adult lives and pass it on to those they work with and the children that they may have.”

  • Dina Morrisey, Learning Services Coordinator

“I see our learners being models for others on resiliency, thinking outside the box in terms of education, and looking at the whole person. My hope is that they continue to be lifelong learners and excited about learning.”

  • Kelli Mercurio, Social Emotional Wellness Coordinator

“If each student takes their learning seriously, as many have in the past, you will see people coming out of CPDLF being leaders in our community, credible professionals, and all around contributors to society.”

  • Jay Scott, Consultant

We’ll be keeping our eyes - and our minds! - open over the next 20 years to see what CPDLF and our Learners achieve, the new directions they take, and the dreams that they pursue. We have an exciting future ahead of us.sucess


See How CPDLF Got to 20 Years
Timeline with yearly entries on CPDLF's history.