Senior Spotlight ~ CPDLF Class of 2020 Featured Senior Kathaleen Mikolich


Kathaleen Mikolich  

CPDLF Class of 2020 

Featured Senior


Kathaleen Mikolich  is a CPDLF class of 2020 senior and has been a learner with us for the past 2 years. She is the daughter of Vicki Mikolich (deceased) and guardians Tyler and Melanie Reynolds of Johnstown, PA.  After graduation, Kathaleen is going to college for fire science.  


Why do you think a cyber school option was best for you?

Cyber school allows me to work at my own pace.


How was your learning guide, instructors or other support staff beneficial to your success at CPDLF?


Miss Rose helped me a lot through my senior year and  I really appreciate that!  I’ll forever remember how she made me feel like one of her own kids every time we met or talked; she will always be a part of me. Ms. Dikum and Mrs. Morrissey helped me so much as well.  I’m so very appreciative of everyone who helped me get through my school year.



If you could talk about a misconception about cyber school what would it be?

A misconception about cyber school is that some people think cyber school is easy but it really isn’t. You have to be very determined .