Senior Spotlight ~ CPDLF Class of 2020 Featured Senior Elise Longo



Elise Longo

CPDLF Class of 2020

Featured Senior


Elise Longo  is a CPDLF class of 2020 featured senior and has been a learner with us for the past 4  years. She is the daughter of Shelly Longo from Altoona, PA.  In the Fall, Elise will attend  Penn State to pursue an education in the medical field.

Why do you think a cyber school option was best for you?

I think it better prepared me for life. It allowed me to work while going to school, and it also taught me a lot of useful skills such as time management and independent learning, both of which are important skills for college and life, and I don't think I would have mastered these skills in a brick and mortar school setting.

How was your learning guide beneficial to your success at CPDLF?


Ms. Dikum has been incredibly helpful during my time at CPDLF. It's awesome to have a person who you can go to with any question, any problem, anything. It makes my learning environment a lot more personalized and makes cyber school a lot easier to handle. Having Mrs. Dikum available to help me was amazing. I couldn’t have gotten through high school without her.


If you could talk about a misconception about cyber school what would it be?

Everyone always thinks that online school is easy. Just because I'm working from home rather than in a classroom doesn't make my lessons any easier. In fact, cyber school has more challenging elements-- such as time management and comprehension and learning to use your resources-- which students in a traditional school setting aren't exposed to as much. Some things about cyber school make it easier than traditional school, but some things make it much more challenging.”

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience at CPDLF?

I'm so glad that I had the option to attend CPDLF. I think cyber was a much better fit for my personal life and personal learning styles than traditional school was. I don't think I would be as successful as I am today without the option of attending CPDLF. I also don't think I would be as prepared for college, or life in general, without the awesome opportunities presented to me at CPDLF.