Senior Spotlight ~ CPDLF Class of 2020 Featured Senior Jada Robles


Jada Robles

CPDLF Class of 2020

Featured Senior


Jada Robles  is a CPDLF class of 2020 featured senior and has been a learner with us for the past 4  years. She is the daughter of Jennifer Reed from Altoona, PA.  After graduation,  Jada is going to school to become a certified phlebotomist.  

Why do you think a cyber school option was best for you?

I was able to work at my own pace and faster. I also got to travel because I could take my work with me.

How was your learning guide beneficial to your success at CPDLF?


Ms. Dikum has helped me throughout the last 4 years and I’m so appreciative of that. She helped me with assignments, community service and so much more.  If she could help she would! She was a great learning guide.


If you could talk about a misconception about cyber school what would it be?

One misconception is that kids only do cyber because they are lazy ,don’t want to go to school  or things like that. Some kids get bullied and can’t take it, some kids have medical problems and some kids just like to work alone and at their own pace.

Photo: Alyssa & Travis Photography