CPDLF Addresses Taxpayer Costs, Need for Cyber Charter Schools

Dr. Maurer was recently interviewed by the Altoona Mirror on the topics of school funding and the ongoing need for cyber charter schools. 

Malynda Maurer, chief executive officer of the Central PA Digital Learning Foundation, said the school’s niche is they have a “personal touch” with everything they do.

Maurer said her school has 214 students enrolled. She said sometimes students flee to other cyber charters because they’re not looking to be as active and engaged as the school wants them to be.

“We try to put safety nets in place to ensure that our students are being held accountable to the same kind of standards that they would get if they were in a traditional school,” she said.

Maurer said she might stand out from other cyber charter school leaders in saying “I do agree that there needs to be a different calculation for funding.”

“I am educating an Altoona student the same as I’m educating a Pittsburgh student, yet they’re paying two different rates. I get that,” she said. “And that’s what needs to change.”

Read the full article here: https://bit.ly/CPDLF_AltoonaMirror