Meet Mrs. Morrissey!

We know CPDLF students and their families liked to get to know our educators and staff members, so we’re putting together personality profiles on some fan favorites, like Mrs. Morrissey.


Mrs. Morrissey stands with her children at a wedding.

Current Roles: Altoona Learning Center Coordinator, Learning Services Coordinator, Senior Class Advisor, Special Education Learning Guide


County Residence: Blair County


Family: Married with two grown daughters (one is married and living in Altoona, the other is engaged and living in Florida), two dogs, and three cats


Favorite School Subject: “I liked Home Economics and getting to do sewing and cooking. I enjoyed the hands-on aspects and getting to eat the things we cooked!”


Why She Became a Teacher: “I had a really good music teacher in high school that I think may have been my inspiration. I realized I wanted to go to college in 10th grade and decided to attend Penn State University where I started in Elementary Education. I subbed a few times in local classrooms and realized the elementary ages weren’t my cup of tea. Once I got experience with the higher grade levels, I realized I liked them better and got involved in special education. I enjoyed teaching life skills and preparing students for jobs, so I got certified in special education.”


How She Connects With Learners: “I focus on what they need to do (for example: meeting graduation requirements) and host break-out rooms where learners can pop in and tell me about their progress on these milestones and anything going on in their lives. I use that time to determine who needs some extra attention and one-on-one time. If something is going on with their lives, that takes priority and we figure out if there’s something we need to be doing to help address the issues in their home life before we re-focus them on class work. As educators, we need to understand that children are affected by the things happening in their lives. We start to teach them how to compartmentalize, but they can’t turn things on and off the way adults can. It’s up to us to help them address those problems and teach them how to focus.”


Why CPDLF: “I like that we’re able to offer more choices at CPDLF on how learners can learn and show their learning. We’re able to educate in different ways and allow Learners to advance faster if they’re ready for it. CPDLF learners work on skills until they get it right, and get ahead when they can. I also like working with my Seniors to complete their 20 hours of community service and write their paper that outlines their plans and next steps for after graduation.”


What She Loves About CPDLF Learners: “I love that they all have a story to tell. Finding out their story helps us help them learn.”


Mrs. Morrissey with her children, spouse, and dogs.


Fun Facts:

  • Pigs are her favorite animal and she collects them. 
  • She loves to be creative with her hands and do ceramics, crochet, and plant flowers.
  • She spent a month in Germany after graduating from college. 
  • Mrs. Morrissey got to visit Versailles, France, and loved learning about the history.
  • She originally wanted to be a flight attendant!
  • She sings with Bellwood Community Choir. 
  • She loves to move her body and you’ll often find her at Zumba and other dance cardio classes.
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