Meet Mr. Longwell!

We know CPDLF students and their families liked to get to know our educators and staff members, so we’re putting together personality profiles on some fan favorites, like Mr. Longwell.


Mr. Longwell on vacation with his wife and children

Current Roles: Part-Time Science Instructor for 7th and 8th Grade and Earth Science Instructor for 9th Grade

County Residence: Blair

Family: Wife, two children (teenage son and daughter), plus a cat

Favorite School Subject: “Science, of course, but I also enjoyed music and was in the school band. I played the tenor saxophone.”

Why Did You Become a Teacher? “You start with enjoying the science content, but even in high school I enjoyed helping my friends with their work, too. Beyond the subject matter, you have to enjoy being a helper. I started majoring in engineering but after a year, I realized I missed the human component of science so I went back to that and found my place in teaching. My parents are both teachers as well. I almost avoided education at first because my parents were doing it and I wanted to try something different!” 

Why CPDLF: “I do teach in a brick-and-mortar school and have for 26 years. I learned about CPDLF in the early 2000s when they needed a physics teacher. That was my primary certification and I wanted to try cyber. It’s a way of staying on top of the developments and growing as an educator - and it’s what we do in science: learn, test, and try new things. I am constantly growing and changing along with my learners. It’s always interesting to follow the change.”

How Do You Balance Teaching in Both Schools? “It has been very mutually beneficial. Cyber education is always finding a way to connect with learners and replicate that face-to-face feel. Brick and mortar at the same time is becoming more virtual. I’ve been able to use my experience in both to enhance the experience for both sets of students.”

Mr. Longwell and his family cutting down a Christmas tree together.

How Does Science Work in Cyber? “We’ve tried a number of things and even sent materials home to allow students hands-on work. There are an increasing number of virtual tools where students can do experiments and manipulate variables and measure outcomes like you would do in a laboratory. The virtual tools really make it unique. I incorporate these tools into my brick and mortar class, too.”

What He Loves About CPDLF Learners: “I love seeing them find success. As a science instructor for several different grade levels, I get to see them carry that success throughout their years. It’s wonderful to see that growth. I don’t get to follow students as closely in brick-and-mortar because you’re focused more on teaching one grade at a time.”

How He Connects with Learners: “I really value the live lesson component so that Learners have to show up, share their interests, and feel comfortable asking questions in a face-to-face (via screen) environment. It ensures they have a connection and will not hesitate to reach out for clarification when they’re working on their own.”

Fun Facts:

  • He plays piano and loves music. 
  • Spending time with family is very important. They enjoy family road trips all over the country - especially to National Parks.
  • This summer, Mr. Longwell is traveling with his family to Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. He plans to visit a dinosaur fossil dig along the way!
  • He and his wife volunteer with the youth ministry at their church. Mr. Longwell and his son also volunteer as part of the music team.
  • He is a Scout Leader for his local Boy Scout Troop.