FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Everybody has questions, and we are happy to answer as many as you have! Listed below are some of the questions we hear the most. 
We are a K-12 public cyber charter school for all students in the state of PA. If you live in Pennsylvania and your child is in grade K-12, they are eligible to enroll at CPDLF. 
We provide the technology and other materials that our students need for their schoolwork with no cost to you.
Our students' attendance is based on their schoolwork completed, not the amount of time they are online or logged into their classes. We are asynchronous, which means students can work on assignments any time during the day and even on weekends! We cover our attendance guidelines in more detail during registration and enrollment. 
Students have access to their assignments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are live lesson times available throughout the week from each instructor. These lessons are recorded, which means students can access them even if they are unable to attend live. 
YES! We understand that our students may need individual instruction time to better understand a concept. We encourage our students to reach out to their instructors at any time to request help. This can be a scheduled zoom session, email, phone call, or other form of communication. We also have regularly scheduled zoom sessions and in-person learning lab times at each of our centers where students can drop in to get help from instructors and learning guides. 
Yes, CPDLF partners with local Career and Technology Centers (CTCs)! Just let us know you are attending or would like to attend you local CTC. Our Learning Services Coordinator will coordinate with your local CTC to ensure you may continue or begin their programming. If you have any questions, please be sure to ask our Learning Services Coordinator on Enrollment Day! 
Yes, we support your child participating in extra-curricular activities at their home school district. Our principal will contact your school district to let them know what you are interested in. 
Yes! Upon meeting CPDLF graduation requirements, you will receive a CPDLF diploma, which would be the same as receiving a diploma from your local district high school. 
We hold many of these events via zoom because we want to make sure that our students from all over the state have the same opportunities to attend. We use features within zoom and small groups to engage our families in our online events. We also hold various in-person activities at each of our Learning Centers. 
Yes, core classes in English, math, natural or physical sciences, social science, and foreign language are NCAA-approved classes at CPDLF. Learn more here
Yes! Our special education program in in accordance with current federal and state regulations. If your child has an IEP, we will provide the accommodations and services necessary in our virtual environment for your child to have the opportunity to be successful. If you would like to have your child tested for special services, we can help you with that process as well. 
The first step to enrolling with us is to visit this page

Here's what some of our learners have to say about us: 

"I believe that cyber school allowed me to focus on my work and self-management in a way that I wasn't able to in a physical school. I feel like I finally have a say in my education." - Class of 2022
"My learning guide helps me understand different things and helps me communicate with the teachers." - Daisey
"CPDLF has been a second family to me. They have also been there to offer support and offer and extra outlet to express myself as an individual." - Jayden

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