CPDLF offers customizable and flexible cyber education with certified Learning Instructors and caring Learning Guides. We’ve been doing this for over 18 years, so you might even say we’ve been virtual since before it became the norm for the rest of the world! That also means we’ve experienced in helping students and their adults at home navigate cyber education and get the most out of everything CPDLF has to offer.

CPDLF Curriculum

We want the best for our students. This means that we’re rigorous – cyber school is different from brick-and-mortar school, but it’s not “easy.” We ensure you meet the Statewide High School Graduation Requirements and your personal future goals. We also empower you by providing the relationships and opportunities you need to learn and grow to become career- or college-ready.

You will be actively involved in developing your own path of learning – which means there’s room for flexibility and customization to fit your interests and goals. Since you’re essentially in a “class of one,” we can take the time to meet you at your current level, ensure you truly understand the subject, and push to see how far you can exceed your limits.  

Our curriculum is developed to ensure you demonstrate the skills, habits, and knowledge to be successful in the future. This means that everyone at CPDLF is committed to three important principles for your education:

1. Connect

This is a personalized experience where you and your parents or guardians are connected and interacting with your instructors and learning guides so that everyone is working as a team to support you. We expect you to connect with us every school day, just like any other school.

Students that excel in connecting with their learning team demonstrate better:

-        Attachment

-        Stress-Management

-        Self-Regulation

-        Self-Awareness

-        Empathy & Relationship Skills

-        Executive Function

2. Engage

This is a different way of learning – and not just because it happens online! You’re actively involved in your own path of learning! How many students get to say that beyond selecting courses for the next school year? If you have a special passion, we’ll explore ways to incorporate that into your education.

We want you to have a meaningful experience that positively contributes to your future goals. We’ll give you the tools to do that. They include:

-        Growth Mindset

-        Self-Efficacy

-        Sense of Belonging

-        Relevance of Learning

3. Empower

We equip you not just with technology but also relationships and opportunities to meet in person to help you learn and grow. There will be hard work along the way, but together we can achieve great things!

Empowered students are also:

-        Self-Directed

-        Curious

-        Purposeful

-        Resilient

-        Full of Agency

-        Academically Tenacious

new enrollee with parent and learning guide

All of these traits are what we refer to as the 16 Habits of Success: the mindsets and behaviors that support academic achievement and well-being. We believe they are important to develop so that your future life has a firm foundation. There’s no one CPDLF class that teaches all of this. You’ll learn these things along the way, whether it’s in Language Arts, Algebra, Physics, or something new, like Robotics or Dance.

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CPDLF Learning Centers

We’re proud to offer two Learning Centers where you can receive in-person tutoring, take tests, and receive services for special educations. Learning Centers allow our students to access resources and enjoy amenities similar to brick-and-mortar schools.
The Altoona Learning Center
Logan Valley Mall
5580 Goods Lane
Altoona, PA 16602
The Stroudsburg Learning Center
Fusia Center for the Arts
2123 W. Main Street
Stroudsburg, PA 18360
"My learning guide provided the support and reassurance that I needed to continue to work hard. It can be difficult to remember that the effort that I put into my work matters." - Jayden