Arts Program with Fusia Dance

Arts & Academics at CPDLF

Are you pursuing a dream and a diploma? you don't have to sacrifice the arts for academics - or vice versa - you can do both at CPDLF. We introduced our Arts & Academics program in 2019. It's an opportunity for students who plan to pursue a career in the performing arts to earn their Commonwealth-approved diploma while taking courses in visual art, music, theatre, dance, and more to earn pre-professional credit. Some students plan to attend a four-year university to continue their studies while other begin auditioning for professional companies. 

How it Works: 

Students enroll full-time at CPDLF and study virtually with Fusia Center for the Arts. There is no audition process. All Arts & Academics students are permitted to pursue this course of study because you progress individually. 
In addition to your regular courses, like mathematics and language arts, you'll choose from courses that prepare you for a career in dance or theatre. Additional core curriculum requirements can also be met through your arts classes. For example, physical education can be replaced with dance. These courses can include yoga, strength and conditioning, cultural dance, choreography, dance techniques, dance workplace experience, theatre, vocal instrument, and a number of foreign languages. 
Learning Guides work with each student to design each year's course load to achieve the students' goals and balance that with out of school experiences that are demanding on your child's schedule, like recitals, physical therapy and training, and theatre performances. 
Arts & Academics students work to develop: 
  • A strong technical foundation
  • Use of imagination and creativity
  • Professional attitudes, classroom etiquette, and comradery
  • Collaborations and integration with other artistic mediums
  • Knowledge of past history and current trends
Students may take all of their courses virtually, but they always have the option to participate in-person with Fusia Center for the Arts. Fusia is a pre-professional dance company led by Francesca Marinaro and her team of professional dancers. Alumni may go on to work with Fusia's professional dance company, DM Dance, based out of New York City. 

A Parent's Perspective: Arts & Academics

"Our daughters, Brook and Skylar, are currently enrolled in (CPDLF), in a collaborative program with Fusia Dance Center. They attend in person learning labs at the Stroudsburg location where they receive tutoring and support to complete their online coursework in core subject areas including ELA, math, science, history, life ocurse skills, and more under the guidance and supervision of teachers, who are like family. 
Brooke and Sky have also had the opportunity to enhance their education and skill development in the arts through their participation in weekly dance, art and yoga classes at Fusia Dance Center, which count toward their elementary curriculum requirements. The CPDLF/Fusia program offers students a premier and comprehensive education in math, science, social sciences, and fine arts. Our children truly love attending this school because of how much they have learned at an individualized pace, their gained independence, confidence, and the community between faculty and students. They have experienced tremendous growth, academically and artistically within just one school year. 
We look forward to our children continuing their education at CPDLF and Fusia Dance Center for many more years and highly recommend this school to anyone seeking to elevate their children's education to the next level."
- Brook and Skylar's Mom