Arts Program with Fusia Dance

2021 CPDLF/Fusia Parent: 

"Our daughters, Brook and Skylar, are currently enrolled in (CPDLF), in a collaborative program with Fusia Dance Center. They attend in person learning labs at the Stroudsburg location where they complete coursework in core subject areas including ELA, math, science, history, life course skills, and more under the guidance and supervision of teachers, who are like family. 
Brook and Sky have also had the opportunity to enhance their education and skill development in the arts through their participation in weekly dance, art and yoga classes at Fusia Dance Center, which count toward their elementary curriculum requirements. The CPDLF/Fusia program offers students a premier and comprehensive education in math, science, social sciences, and fine arts. Our children truly love attending this school because of how much they have learned at an individualized pace, their gained independence, confidence, and the community between faculty and students. They have experienced tremendous growth, academically and artistically within just one school year. 
We look forward to our children continuing their education at CPDLF and Fusia Dance Center for many more years and highly recommend this school to anyone seeking to elevate their children's education to the next level."

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