Our Learners

Here at CPDLF, we are so proud of our learners, past and present! Check out the stories below telling of their amazing accomplishments. 
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Learner Poet

Shoutout to Harper Sedlock of the 8th grade! She was nominated by teacher Leslie Rupp. Harper is an avid reader who aspires to attend Penn State with the dreams of becoming a therapist one day. She also hopes to travel the world.
Teacher Melissa Cabo had this to say about Harper, "Harper Sedlock is in my ELA 8 class. She is just exceptional. She keeps up with assignments and turns in quality work. She attends my Live Lessons and participates. She is respectful and helpful to other learners". 
Harper is also a talented poet - she wrote "Growing Minds" after being with us for a few months. 
Fixed minds will simply choose 
To feel they will only lose. 
Fixed minds will strictly refuse 
To give a chance to other views. 
Fixed minds won't persevere,
Won't listen when they hear,
That success can only come 
From pushing past the fear. 
But, growing minds invite the challenge
And answer it with pride, 
Knowing that winners are only those 
Who never gave up, but who tried. 
But, growing minds invite the challenge
And answer it with pride,
Knowing that winners are only those 
Who never gave up, but who tried. 

Senior Learner is hired by AMED!

Martina MaurerToday we spotlight an outstanding member of the class of 2023 - Martina Maurer! Martina has been enrolled with CPDLF since August 2019, and is currently enrolled in the Emergency Services Program at the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center. Martina has worked really hard to be a certified EMT, and has recently been hired by AMED. This is a great accomplishment, and we couldn't be more proud! Congratulations Martina!

Taylor Weston - Connected, Engaged, and Empowered!

taylor westonWhile previously nominated for a learner spotlight in the 21-22 school year, this learner continues to achieve great things! Taylor's learning guide, Heather Jancula, says this about her, "Taylor Weston is one of those learners who is memorable from the moment you first meet her. She is driven from the moment she wakes up in the morning until she goes to bed." Taylor attends the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center for Interior Design. This year, she "knew she needed a way to continue learning and challenging herself". Taylor has done just that - she was able to get an internship at Cisney and O'Donnell Builders and Remodelers, where she gains hands-on experience in the showroom and on job sites! In addition to school, vo-tech, and an internship, she also has a part-time job, helps her single mother transport younger siblings to extra-curricular activities, and "continues to foster her love for reading as she reads one book after the other". Mrs. Jancula says, "Taylor is truly a learner that encompasses everything CPDLF stands for from being ambitious, empowered, connected, engaged, organized, dedicated, helpful, talented, and so much more. I know Taylor will be ready to take on the design world and the design world will be lucky to have such an amazing learning". 
Taylor is a Skills USA and National Technical Honor Society. She will be attending an upcoming National Technical Honor Society banquet where she will be presented with a certificate. In the fall, Taylor plans to attend LaRoche College. Taylor, we are so proud of you and cannot wait to see what you do next! 

"CPDLF Reads" Summer Reading Challenge Winner - Edward Gorba! 

congratulations edward
Dr. Deanna Mayers, CPDLF principal, facilitated a "CPDLF Reads" challenge for learners over the summer months. She encouraged learners to spend time reading everyday and 4th grader Edward Gorba did just that! He read 71 books this summer! Edward said that he loves to read because reading helps the imagination grow.

National Bullying Prevention Month Poster Contest Winners 2022

Congratulations to Nina Kolenovic (Grades 6-8) and Courtney Brown (Grades 9-12),  winners of our See Something, Say Something poster contest for National Bullying Prevention Month.  
Honorable mentions awarded to Jaliyah Brown, Gianna Glennon, and Eshon Jacobs (Grades 6-8), and Mandi Butler (Grades 9-12).
A huge thank you from our SAP Team to all who participated!
National bullying prevention month poster contest winners

Learner Surpasses "EPIC" Goal! 

Connor April 2022
CPDLF 2nd grader Connor Szymusiak set a goal at the beginning of the school year to read 100 books in Epic and recently reached 200 books! 
CPDLF uses Epic (a digital library and e-reader for books and videos for children) for instruction as well as fostering the love of reading. Connor said that while his favorite class at CPDLF is art, he is excited that Epic has a lot of books for him to choose from. Mrs. Jamie Saylor, 2nd grade instructor, said, "Connor is a well rounded and creative student who loves reading. It was so exciting to hear about the books he was reading. I am so proud of Connor!"

2022 NTHS Member

Taylor WestonTaylor Weston, a CPDLF 11th grader, was recently inducted into the National Technical Honor Society on March 23, 2022. Taylor attends the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center where she is taking Interior Decorating and Finishing. Congratulations from all of us, Taylor!

Build Your Own Birds Nest - May 2021

Check out what our CPDLF second graders in Miss Saylor's class created at the end of the year! Be sure to scroll through to see all our bird nests. Special thanks to Miss Saylor for helping put this post together.



Offline with CPDLF - 2021

Meet Trenton!

Trenton is a 9th grade CPDLF student who has been building and racing cars for 3 years. In that time he has collected 10 feature wins, and spends 30-40 hours each week in the shop in addition to his 5 hours per week at the race track. He plans to continue building and racing, and has some big goals for this season: the track championship at Mountain Top Speedway, make the big show at the Three Rivers Clone Clash, and keep his equipment in one piece.