NCAA Core Courses at CPDLF

Are you NCAA-bound? CPDLF can help you get there. You may be aware that the NCAA has some strict eligibility requirements for high schoolers. They want to ensure that you are ready for the academic expectations you'll face in college - we do, too. These are called NCAA Core Courses
Core classes in English, math, natural or physical sciences, social science, and foreign language are NCAA-approved classes at CPDLF. This means things like American History, Biology, and English count as NCAA Core Courses at CPDLF. 
You do not have to do anything extra to earn credit in these classes. Simply meet class requirements and expectations set by each teacher and pass the class to receive NCAA core course credits. Do your best to earn a good grade to meet NCAA initial eligibility standards. You can calculate your core course credits and GPA using the NCAA's worksheet
If you have any questions regarding course eligibility and anything else CPDLF can do to help you manage a sports career and prepare for college, please contact your Learning Guide to schedule a conversation about your opportunities and goals.