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A passionate, dedicated educator with over 20 years of educational experience, Dr. Aiko Malynda Maurer has been transforming education as a school leader for over 10 years.  Founder and former CEO/Principal of the HOPE for Hyndman Charter School, Dr. Maurer is the Chief Executive Officer of the Central PA Digital Learning Foundation where she is leading the organization on a journey to create the Ideal Virtual Learning Experience for every learner.  With experience in traditional school districts, brick and mortar charter schools, and cyber schools as both a teacher and a school leader, Dr. Maurer also networks, guides, and coaches other school leaders through the process of transforming education in their schools as the Director of Innovation, Incubation, and Development of the Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8.

Her Purpose

From the classroom to being the CEO, my purpose has always been to find innovative ways to help children learn.  For those with a vision to make a difference in the life of a child, I encourage you to be courageous, be tenacious, be determined, be strong, and be open-minded.  Each child deserves the opportunity for an educational experience in which they can grow to their fullest potential.

I have always believed in challenging learners to be their best possible selves, providing learners of all ages and backgrounds access to quality, customizable virtual learning environments with individualized support and encouragement. I have had many great mentors and teachers in my lifetime and I strive to be a mentor and role model for our staff, learners, and community. I am a life-long learner with degrees in Elementary Education, K-12 Principal, Instructional Design, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. I began my career as an Elementary teacher and Basketball Coach in the central Pennsylvania schools and later moved to the East Stroudsburg Area School District to serve as an Instructional Technology Coach and Director of Technology. 

I love to read, spend time with my family and I am active in my local community. I love being a wife of more than 30 years to Richard and a parent of three young adults, two dogs, and a cat.

I have followed an unusual path to becoming a cyber school principal, but my love for learning and teaching has always been a common denominator wherever I have been serving!  My undergraduate degree is in nursing and I keep my RN license up to date even though I'm not currently practicing in the nursing field.  (It does come in handy as a principal, though)! In the education field, I worked at several private schools before coming to CPDLF in 2017, and I love our learning community! We get to work with so many different learners and families from across PA, and we get to be creative in developing personalized (and maybe even unusual like mine!) paths for all.  

I am married to Mark (for 33+years), and am proud to be a mom to two great sons and a GiGi to my first granddaughter. In my free time I like to read, run, and bake.

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