Learner Spotlight - Taylor Weston

While previously nominated for a learner spotlight in the 21-22 school year, this learner continues to achieve great things! Taylor's learning guide, Heather Jancula, says this about her, "Taylor Weston is one of those learners who is memorable from the moment you first meet her. She is driven from the moment she wakes up in the morning until she goes to bed." Taylor attends the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center for Interior Design. This year, she "knew she needed a way to continue learning and challenging herself". Taylor has done just that - she was able to get an internship at Cisney and O'Donnell Builders and Remodelers, where she gains hands-on experience in the showroom and on job sites! In addition to school, vo-tech, and an internship, she also has a part-time job, helps her single mother transport younger siblings to extra-curricular activities, and "continues to foster her love for reading as she reads one book after the other". Mrs. Jancula says, "Taylor is truly a learner that encompasses everything CPDLF stands for from being ambitious, empowered, connected, engaged, organized, dedicated, helpful, talented, and so much more. I know Taylor will be ready to take on the design world and the design world will be lucky to have such an amazing learning". 
Taylor is a Skills USA and National Technical Honor Society. She will be attending an upcoming National Technical Honor Society banquet where she will be presented with a certificate. In the fall, Taylor plans to attend LaRoche College. Taylor, we are so proud of you and cannot wait to see what you do next! 
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