Welcome to CPDLF! We’re thrilled you’re considering joining our school! As a Pennsylvania public school, we accept students:

  • regardless of income level (there are no application fees)
  • with or without their own technology (we provide a device)
  • on any academic level (there are no entrance exams)

The only requirement is that you are a Pennsylvania resident in a K to 12 grade. It’s that simple.

Here at CPDLF, our staff are committed to getting to know each student and helping each student set and exceed goals to become career- or college-ready. All you have to do is click here to start a conversation with one of our caring staff members.

You do not need to wait until a break in the semester or start of a new school year. Since the learning process is lead by your needs, we start the moment you are ready. Enroll now to begin your CPDLF journey.

What Makes CPDLF Special

As a CPDLF student, you get personalized attention to help you thrive. You are not just another name on roster, and you’re not held back until the rest of the class catches up on a concept.

Here’s how we make that happen:

  • You get a Learning Guide.

    • Think of it like your own personal Guidance Counselor. That person meets with you weekly to discuss academic performance, your goals, Habits of Success, and career ambitions.

  • There’s Live Learning Help.

    • Teachers are available during scheduled times throughout the day and evening for assistance with homework. This means you don’t have to wait to get attention.

  • We have two in-person Learning Centers.

    • We’re virtual to fit your needs, but students are always welcome to attend one of our learning centers in Altoona and Stroudsburg. You can enjoy face-to-face tutoring and take tests in a quiet, dedicated space.

  • We promote mastery-based learning.

    • We’re all about mastering the content – not just doing something once and checking the “completed” box. You get one grade for each class, and you can continue to improve upon it throughout the year as you master the concepts.

  • We start at your level and push you to excel.

    • For grades 1 - 5, you get customized math, language arts, and science content to meet your current needs and develop the right plan to move you forward.

  • You are in charge of your education.

    • You’ll take courses to help you become an independent learner and explore career and college opportunities. We want to give you the skills needed to help you succeed throughout your life.

  • A combined Arts & Academics Program is available. 

    • “Online” doesn’t mean sedentary. Join us for dance, yoga, or start your performing arts career right now at our in-person or virtual classes. You’ll gain pre-professional training and a strong foundation for a career in theatre or dance.

  • Career & Technology Center opportunities are available, too.

    • You can enroll in your local Career & Technology Center while you are enrolled at CPDLF and enjoy the best of both worlds.

  • Parents or guardians should be involved.

    • Kids do better with a supportive family. Family members can have full access to their student’s curriculum and grades, and they’re encouraged to communicate regularly with your teachers and Learning Guide.

  • We have Family Engagement Nights.

    • The fun doesn’t stop when class ends. We provide activities for the whole family to enjoy throughout the school year.


Ready to talk about your opportunities at CPDLF? Fill out this quick form to request more information and start the conversation about enrolling at CPDLF.
"Everyone is very friendly and if you need help, everyone wants to help you." - Madison
"I loved this school and I would recommend it to many other kids." - Hailey
"All of my learning guides have been beneficial to my success at CPDLF. They have all gone above and beyond to help me when I needed it. They also help keep me on track and offer encouragement, support, and motivation when things go wrong." - Class of '22 Graduate